Bee medicines

Bee Chinese herbal medicines
We have many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, which can effectively to bees diseases and friendly to both bees and environment.

SN Common
Main feature Medicine
1 European
Gram-positive bacterium Five-day bees die after seal-capping. Tissue rots
and becomes ropy anddark brown, colloidal state
and filamentous with fishlike stink
30g radix isatidis, 15g andrographis paniculata
2 American
Gram-positive bacterium “Huazi” two or three-day bees die without odor or
with acidic odor
30g radix isatidis, 15 g andrographis paniculata
3 Chalkbrood Fungal diseases Larva die in the shape of calcareous 15g honeysuckle, safflower, coptis, folium
isatidis, sophora flavescens respectively,
10g rheum officinale, 10g glycyrrhiza uralensis
4 Chinese
Sacbrood Virus
pathogenic viruses Larva die after seal-capping Hainan Panax notoginseng, radix isatidis,
cortex acanthopanacis, honeysuckle,
glycyrrhiza uralensis
5 Sporozoosis Bee microsporidia Bees die for diarrhea. Midgut is pale
and nonelastic.
6 Bee climbing ①Bee microsporidia
②Bee spirochete
③Proteus mirabilis
Drumble, abdominal distension, jumping crawl at
earlier stage and lack of flight ability at later stage
till death.
10g coptis, scutellaria baicalensis, polygonum
cuspidatum respectively
7 Varroosis Bee ectoparasite Young bees with mutilated wings and legs crawl
by the hive entrance, dead pupas are dragged out
by worker bees, dead pupas are covered with
white nymphs.
2% oxalic acid aqueous solution; 15g thyme
8 Bee louse Bee ectoparasite Collection ability and fecundity of bee are
Anise oil
9 Diarrhea Improper feeding: having
eaten immature nectar or
there exists mannan in
granulated nectar and
winter nectar
Happen in Winter or early Spring, bee abdominal
distension, sick bees’ faeces are tawny with
putrid odor
50g cactus
10 Constipation Collection of foods
difficult to digest
Bees have bulgy abdomens and slow action,
stroking abdomen ceaselessly. A few bees
tremble and die from climbing out of boxes
seeking for water source
① Place water fountain into honeycombs to
supply water
② 1 piece of rhubarb soda
11 Jujube flower
Toxication arising from
alkaloids and high
potassium ion quantity
contained in jujube flower
Abdominal distension, lack of flight ability,
jumping crawl, prostrate convulsion till death
Licorice water, gingerade, acetic acid; 0.5%
brackish water
Bee medicines
We provide good medicines especially for bees diseases, to protect your bees.