Normal good bee products
We know what you really hope and worry about, the best quality products
and solutions will be delivered to you for fermenting your honey life,
just like what bees doing for us.

I. We provide white honey, LA, ELA

honey and details are as follows:

        rape honey

        sunflower honey

        cotton honey

        Acacia honey

        White flower honey

        Linden honey

        Vitex honey

        Buckwheat honey

        Liquorice honey


II. Pollen


We mainly provide good pollen as follows:
rape pollen 
Polly flower pollen
camellia pollen


III. Royal Jelly and others


We provide good quality royal jelly with 10-HAD>1.4;

royal jelly of 10-HAD>2.0 are also available


We provide good quality propolis

Bee Wax
We provide good quality bee wax

For more information about bee products, check details in products column , or feel free to contact us now.


New bee products
”The results created by bees working hard need to be more focus on and approvals.
Therefore we are working for improve the value of bees products to maximize the bees’ achievements,
which can meet people’s requirements of new and high technology .

Honey powder, the best natural sweeter , the best companion of bacon and coffee.
Honey sugar, perfect taste and lower calorific charge and suitable for everyone.
Honey vinegar, pure natural nutritious drinking for us

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Products design for you only

Your taste decide your brilliant pursuit and we are willing to make products according to your special needs,

we devote all our wisdoms to your creativity.

You can get the product with your special requirements or you can get the products with your own brand,

 contact us now for the products only for you.

customization        If you want to customize our products


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